About EFA

Egg Farmers of Australia (EFA) is the name given to a group of egg farmer representative organisations that aim to further the interests of the Australian egg industry through developing and advocating policies, engaging with relevant stakeholders and participating in public debate.

EFA is committed to promoting the benefits of and improving all egg farming for the benefit of the Australian community. EFA also has a role in promoting the good work done by Australian egg farmers who collectively make up the Australian egg industry.

Current EFA participating egg farmer representative organisations include: the Victorian Farmers’ Federation Egg Group, the NSW Farmers’ Association Egg Committee, the Commercial Egg Producers Association of Western Australia, the Tasmanian Commercial Egg Producers Association, Queensland United Egg Producers and the South Australian Local Egg Section. These organisations represent their members and collectively represent and are the voice of the Australian egg industry.

EFA was previously known as the Australian Egg Industry Association (AEIA).